If The Daily Show were Eternia, Jon Stewart would be He-Man, his studio would be Castle Greyskull and John Hodgman would make a perfect Orco. As for He-Man’s arch nemesis Skeletor, you could pick someone like George W. Bush or Dick Cheney but their current irrelevancy make them a better fit as on of Skeletor’s many henchmen, like say Moss Man or Stinkor. No, if we were to pick Jon’s ultimate enemy it would have to be FOX News whose hyper-right wing slant have made them the bizzaro-world version of Jon and his show for millennia.
With Jon inching closer to retirement we’re witnessing the final days of the epic battle between the two ideologically-opposed entities and on last night’s Daily Show Jon made a valiant charge against FOX’s handling of the South Carolina church shooting. And with his Power Sword out and ready, Jon took swings at another more recent enemy: the Confederate Flag. The Daily Show’s own versions of Teela and Man-At-Arms--Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper respectively--stepped in for a discussion on the topic but Klepper didn’t seem to be hearing what Willams was saying, prompting her to bring in a Helper Whitey. Wondering what we mean? Check it:

To watch last night’s full episode of The Daily Show you don’t have to travel to another dimension, we’ve embedded it below. For more on the Confederate Flag story, check out last night's excellent Nightly Show.


Also, sorry if you’re not familiar with the Masters of the Universe. It was a small part of this post to give it a bit of zing and we hope that you enjoyed it regardless. For further reading on He-Man, consult Wikipedia or your neighbour’s next garage sale where He-Man merchandise is commonly available.