With just over a month left before Jon Stewart’s final episode, he should brace himself for some heartfelt tributes—and also a resentful one. According to Page Six, producers from The Daily Show have been reaching out to some of the host’s least favourite people, in order to give them a “chance to turn the tables” and “basically tell Jon to ‘f*ck off.’”
While the surprise is now officially spoiled (thanks a lot, Page Six), the segment will probably air during Stewart’s final episode on August 6th. Apparently, Donald Trump received his invitation just days after Stewart ridiculed him and his latest campaign for president on the air. Other likely contenders include Glenn Beck, Jim Cramer, Bill O’Reilly, and Sarah Palin.
But as
Salon reminds us, Stewart’s adversaries aren’t all from the world of politics. Producers might want to consider reaching out to Hugh Grant, as Stewart once named him his least favourite Daily Show guest, noting that “we’ve had dictators on the show.” During his visit, Grant gave “everyone sh*t the whole time,” said he had other places to be, and complained that the clip they showed from his movie was “terrible.” Stewart’s response? “Make a better f*cking movie.”

Watch last night's full Daily Show, devoid of enemies, below!