It appears some poor Daily Show intern has been locked in a closet with a computer, a notepad and a couple bags of water to scour the billion or so hours of Jon Stewart’s run and compile fun little retrospectives that have made us laugh, cry and wonder who that intern is. Him or her probably isn't in very good shape right now, but as we're about to learn from the video you're here to watch, he or she is doing way better than Jon, who has seemingly contracted every disease from leprosy to the bubons.

We’ve already seen John Hodgman present a retrospective on all the funny noises Jon with no ‘h’ has made, and Hollywood’s Mark Ruffalo gave us a fun look back on all the times Jon’s admitted to not consuming the work of his guests. On last night’s show Hasan Minhaj stepped in to show how much Stewy has aged and how poor his health has been since 1999. Pretty straightforward.

There should be more of these babies coming down the pipe ahead of Jon’s last day on August 8 so always keep our website open in one of your tabs and write a reminder on your forehead next to your grocery list to visit us often.