If you’ve ever wondered how Jon Stewart manages to prep for The Daily Show while maintaining a stable home life AND supporting the New York Mets, a retrospective from last night’s show holds the answer and it has nothing to do with Multiplicity-style cloning.

Rather than actually read the thousands of books or watch the thousands of movies his guests come on to promote, Jon pretends he has until he’s called out on it, thus opening up his schedule to prance around and make movies of his own that no one watches. His skills as a humourist has allowed him to slyly talk his way out of the awkwardness any time it’s come up during an interview, but last night Mark Ruffalo had finally had enough.

The actor introduced a series of clips of Jon’s ignorance toward his guest’s hard work in the style of last week’s John Hodgman-presented compilation of Stewart making funny noises. Since we all know how great Jon is, it’s refreshing to see him as a regular human who abuses his power as a boss by making his staff prepare for interviews while he lays in his office eating expensive salads. Check it!