We don’t have a dress code here at Comedy HQ meaning no one can complain when I wear my purple tuxedo jacket, summertime jams and socks over my shoes. This isn’t something I should take for granted because in our modern age where fridges have the Internet and homosexuals aren’t forced to pretend they’re boring like we are, people of certain religions are still treated with disrespect.

On last night’s Daily Show, Jon highlighted a recent incident where a Muslim woman wasn’t allowed a can of pop on an airplane because the flight attendant feared she could use it as a weapon. For us to better understand the complexities of the issue, Jon called in Senior Religious Correspondent Hasan Minhaj who came ready with some simple tips for Muslims to conceal their religious identity. It’s an unfortunate product of the American hierarchy of faith, where Muslims are ranked lower than devil worshippers.

Last night’s Daily Show also featured an investigation into free-range parenting and an interview with the hilarious Melissa McCarthy. You can watch it below or go over to your uncle’s house and try to swipe the VHS tape he uses to record all his favourites, including The Daily Show and old episodes of Kiana’s Flex Appeal.