In the two weeks since the last new episode of Inside Amy Schumer we’ve kept a diary to safely express the emptiness and despair we’ve been experiencing. Check out this depressing entry from last Tuesday:

June 15 2015

Another Inside Amy Schumer repeat tonight. Going to go stick my head in a bag of grass clippings until there’s a new one. Don't feel like eating anything. Is today Christmas? Where are my keys?

Things were getting pretty bleak and we were ready to start replacing our beds with piles of thumbtacks in order to feel something other than sadness until we heard there’s a new episode on tonight at 10:30ep!

Armed with this revitalizing news
, we were going to toss the diary into our memory trunk only to unearth it the next time we’re forced to go two weeks between new episodes. But then we saw the following preview and got so elated that that we ceremoniously burned the diary along with some expired salad dressing we’ve been meaning to get rid of. Case closed.

We want you to get as excited as we are so we’ve embedded the preview below. It features Amy showing the trajectory of today’s modern relationships through the art of latte foam. Let’s all feel alive again!