Most people don’t know this but the most popular fairy tales began as brutal stories about forbidden love, cannibalism and horrible disfigured creatures. The Brothers Grimm wrote them to teach people about morality on days when they were too lazy to go to church, but after millions of years their tales evolved to become the soft Disney-fied versions that safely fill the bookshelves of little boys and girls worldwide. The happy endings found in these modern versions give kids the idea that the world is a fair and just place as long as you keep love in your heart, imagination in your brain and some magic item in your pocket that will make everything okay. No wonder no one likes kids.

It’s due time we reverted back to fairy tales with some edge and on this week’s Inside Amy Schumer, we got exactly that with a great sketch about the dark realities of being a rags-to-riches princess. Co-starring the fabulous Tim Gunn, this bit mixes the shiny, happy backdrop of classic fairy tales with some Game of Thrones-style royal reality. Please show this to your children.

The rest of the episode will also benefit your children with sketches about boyfriends and therapy: