We wanted to let you guys know that we travelled twelve hours into the future, watched tonight’s brand new episode of Inside Amy Schumer, copied the box scores of today’s Major League Baseball games and arrived back safe and sound to the present in time for a traditional Canada Day Eve brunch.

With the information we procured during our adventure, we can say with confidence that tonight’s IAS is the single greatest piece of television ever made and that everyone who watches it becomes highly enlightened beings who form a new world order that will solve every world major issue to create a utopia of epic proportions. Also, the Jays crush the Red Sox.

To prove that we’re not just a silly comedy website making up garbage to convince you to watch so our ratings increase, thus satisfying our advertisers and shareholders, we recorded a sample of the episode and will risk tearing the space-time continuum by posting it here.

Coincidentally, the sample is also about time travel, but is not very realistic. As we just found out, time travel involves a lot more strange goo than what the characters in this sketch experience. Enjoy your glimpse at the future!

Remember to tune in tonight at 10:30ep for the rest of this monumental episode. You don’t want to be one of the people who ignore it only to become a slave… er, rather “dutiful employee” of your new masters. Hail Zawwp!