Marriage used to be a binding agreement between a man, woman and God to live together and share everything including gold, children and castles. Nowadays that definition has changed for the better with men being able to marry men, women able to marry women, and a monetary system that is no longer based around precious metals and the quality of your grain.

This fancy-free attitude toward marriage has also led to an increase in divorces and the concept of being married multiple times is no longer limited to the lives of kings and mountain folk. Chances are, someone you know has been married more than once and you may not know it! If that last sentence adequately scared you then maybe you should put your marriage radar to the test with this round of Pedestrian Questions from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy asks random people on Hollywood Blvd. how many times they’ve been married but before they can answer, he gives us the opportunity to guess. Back in the old days you’d get sent to prison participating in a game like this so enjoy your new freedoms and play along!

Jimmy will be back on air tonight at midnight for another show filled with fun, games and interviews with Allison Janney, Paul Dano and Scripps National Spelling Bee Champions Vanya Shivashankar and Gokul Venkatachala as well as music from Hiatus Kaiyote. PLEASE WATCH IT.