Canada has produced its fair share of musical hits—“O Canada”, “I Am A Wild Party” and “Don’t Put It In Your Mouth” among them. But after 147 Canada Days, the Canadian public has grown tired of these traditional anthems and is looking for something to better fit today’s modern celebrations. Long gone are the days when you could listen to Raggadeath while knitting up some homemade fireworks on July 1 and feel deeply Canadian. Rap-metal-reggae fusion has gone the way of Chris Sheppard and disappeared completely, leaving us aching for some new patriotic hits.

Thanks to America’s Nick Offerman, we have a new track to suck syrup to, which celebrates Canadian men who’ve helped make our country the funniest and best place in the world. Here’s Nick on last week’s Just For Laughs: All Access performing the hit song in front of a raucous Montreal audience:

We’d need at least a hundred songs to pay tribute to the millions of amazing Canadian women out there, which is why it was a lot easier for Nick to perform just one about the men. One such woman, Sara Hennessey, will be on this Saturday’s episode of All Access alongside men Hannibal Buress, Chris Locke, Paul Varghese and Arthur Simeon. Watch it pretty please!