At this point in the week we’re usually telling you what’s coming up on late night but since Jon and Larry are taking the week off, it makes more sense to highlight the following scripted programs.

Inside Amy Schumer | Season Finale
Tuesday, 10:30ep

By this time next year, Amy Schumer will be a bonafide movie star whose television show will likely play second fiddle to the Hollywood mega projects she’ll no doubt be involved in. It’s probably a good idea to ingest as much pre-A-list Amy as possible because you never know how fame will change a person (or a sketch show)
Tuesday’s finale is titled “3 Buttholes” so whether you’re a long-time fan or some weirdo perv who just Googled “3 Buttholes”, you’re not going to want to miss the ending to an EXCELLENT season. Really looking forward to seeing what this preview pic is all about:

Why? With Hannibal Buress | Series Premiere
Wednesday, 10:30ep

After becoming a stand-up superstar, writing for 30 Rock and SNL and appearing on The Eric Andre Show and Broad City, the amazing Hannibal Buress FINALLY has his own TV show. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what’s poised to be the single greatest television program in history. Heck, it might even be the last television program in history thanks to that no-good Internet!

Key & Peele | Season Premiere
Thursday, 10:30ep

The boys are back in town and they’ve brought new sketches, and by “town” we mean “TV”. It feels dumb that we even have to remind you to watch this show because anyone who is totally radical already knows. Are you one of the radical ones? If not, tune in, absorb the hilarious comedy and begin to feel radical yourself. Once the whole season is done you’ll find that you can surf, skateboard, make a killer burrito from scratch and feel comfortable calling another person a “cat”.

Wayne’s World | Comedy Premiere
Saturday, 10am/3pm/12am ep

It’s Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World, all the time, Saturday. For the first time ever we rented Wayne’s World and will use our broadcast technology to legally share it with our dedicated viewers. We dare you to watch it all three times. If you’ve never seen Wayne’s World and have spent years pretending you have because anyone who hasn’t seen it is probably dim, now’s your chance to undo your lies.  

Just For Laughs: All Access | Brand New Episode
Saturday, 10ep

Remember last summer when you cried your eyes out because you weren’t able to secure the thousands of dollars necessary to travel to Montreal and buy tickets to every huge gala at Just For Laughs? You do? Sorry we brought it up. Anyway, the good news is that you don’t need money to get access to the world’s biggest comedy festival because we taped all of it and decided to show you.

This week’s episode contains world-class comedy from Weekend Update’s Michael Che, Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh, Workaholics’ Erik Griffin, 
New Zealand’s Jarred Christmas and homegrown laughs from Canada’s own Fraser Young, DeAnne Smith and Will Weldon.