What if you could have your very own Amy Schumer just sitting on your couch, eating your snacks, and saying hilarious stuff to you? Well, guess what? You can! If you kidnap her.

Alas, kidnapping and forcible confinement are both against the law is most provinces and territories, however, kidnapping Schumer would make for a great movie premise...

… Which is why Amy Schumer’s next movie is about kidnapping Amy Schumer (or, more precisely, a character played by Amy Schumer).

Following the success of Trainwreck’s $30 million opening weekend along with its star’s Emmy nomination for her third season on Inside Amy Schumer, Hollywood is eager to have Amy back at the box office. Fox, the studio behind the yet-to-be-titled kidnapping caper that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig has signed on to produce, would like to be rolling on the project before the year is out.

A script, originally penned by The Heat’s Katie Dippold, is being rejigged by Schumer and her sister Kim Caramele. The action/comedy will center on a mother-daughter vacation gone wrong. Schumer will play the daughter while the mother role is reportedly being pitched to the likes of Frances Conroy, Sally Field, and Meryl Streep—three women who’ve got five Oscars and 11 Golden Globes between them. The setting is rumoured to be Brazil (because when you’re a big star you can just say, ‘Um I want my next movie to be set in Hawaii! No! Brazil!’ and someone will make it happen).

A fourth season of Schumer’s sketch comedy show was ordered back in April so Fox and Comedy Central are going to have to learn to share Amy while filming for both projects is underway. Or jello wrestle to see who gets her. Either way, we win.