Last night’s Tonight Show featured a very “Emotional Interview” with actor/comedian Amy Schumer. Ahead of the release of her comedy Trainwreck this weekend, Schumer proved she had the acting chops to handle her first leading film role, holding her own against Fallon in a war of feelings and proving the theory that actors really are just emotional prostitutes. (Pro tip: they hate it when you call them that.)
Here’s Amy on a rollercoaster of emotions that run the gamut from “fake nice” to “confusing ‘pilots’ and ‘pirates’” (a terrible feeling we hope none of you ever have to experience).

Not shown: the emotion Schumer felt this morning after receiving her first
Primetime Emmy nomination for Lead Actress in a Comedy series. Inside Amy Schumer received a 2014 nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series but Schumer shared the nom with eight other writers. This one means she can finally rest easy about getting to keep her name in the show’s title.