It’s the end of an era. With just a year and a half left in President Barack Obama’s second term and mere weeks left of Jon Stewart’s 16-year tenure as host of The Daily Show, the two reunited for a seventh and final time—to casually dish about light-hearted topics like Veterans Affairs, the inefficiencies of hulking government bureaucracy, and (of course) the Affordable Healthcare Act.

The episode-long interview served as a recap of Obama’s time in the Oval Office, focussing on what he has (and has not) accomplished. The President, who summed up his presidential strategy as "Can we make stuff a lot better than it has been?", was quick to admit his shortcomings while highlighting the areas where his administration has made progress.

In government, said Obama, "Somebody somewhere is screwing up at any given time." A refreshing admission that would be difficult to imagine coming out of the mouth of stodgier, more Canadian world leaders.

For sports fans and sandwich fans, the interview featured analogies to both, and for anyone who wanted to know Obama’s thoughts on 2016 Presidential contender Donald Trump, those are as follows: "I'm sure the Republicans are enjoying Mr. Trump's dominance of their primary," said a sarcastic Obama. "Anything that makes them look less crazy," Stewart replied.




Check out an extended clip from the interview below.