Barack Obama was first elected President of those United States back in 2008 in a time when the thought of Jon Stewart retiring would’ve landed you in the looney bin alongside those nutters who never thought America would elect a black president.

Fast forward six years and Jon is on his way out and Barack Obama is nearing the end of his second and final term while Bill Clinton’s wife waits patiently for her turn to blast history in its prudish face. It’s been a crazy bunch of years, which would prove challenging for any time traveler to navigate when attempting to alter history by screwing with a major event. If you are one such time lord, you might consider tonight’s Daily Show where the future of U.S. politics AND cable fake news collide in an event that’s bound to shake the space-time continuum to its shiny, neon core.

Obama will be making his first appearance on the show since 2012 (his third as President) tonight at 11ep and you can watch it all go down on Comedy provided no one skews the timeline. With both men nearing the end of their respective major life chapters, we expect Jon to ask some hard-hitting questions with honest and frank answers from the commander-in-Chief.

Jon has never been scared to challenge the President despite his respect for the man, but with Obama firing on all cylinders lately and ensuring he goes out on top, there’s likely some praise in order as well. Here are some highlights from the 2012 interview: