You probably don't need another reminder that Jon Stewart is leaving television to become the adorable patron saint of adorable homeless animals but as we get closer and closer to his August 6 departure date, it's only natural that multiple odes to his comedic genius are laid at his feet like so many rose petals. Or something.
And so, in honour of Stewart's decade-and-a-half of bringing us the fake news, master editing artists Eclectic Method have brought fans this fond farewell video. Straight from the mouth of Jon himself. Sort of.
Eclectic Method combed through 16 years of Daily Show footage (remember when Stewart was a brunette?) so that the host could say an early goodbye, in his own (remixed) words. Check it out:

Yes, it's touching and annoying and may induce seizures all in equal measure, but hang in long enough and you get one of Stewart's trademark bits: a well-deserved and much-needed moment of Zen, right there at the end.
Hey, you could do worse.