Jimmy Kimmel has long acknowledged David Letterman as his professional hero. On last night’s show, he joined forces with Ed Helms to offer a unique twist on one of animal expert Jack Hanna’s famous Letterman appearances. Rather than come right out and acknowledge that they were doing an animal segment, Helms simply arrived on stage with Reggie, a creature he introduced as his "therapy llama." During the interview, Helms elaborated on the positive effects of this relationship. "I get a little nervous doing interviews and stuff," said Helms. "I just like to have him here. He keeps me kind of zenned out and calm."

So far, so good. However, things got a little more complicated when Reggie started having trouble zenning out. Fortunately, his therapy chicken Seymour was on standby, as was Seymour’s therapy turtle Theodore. Typical of Helms’s dry, stilted wit, there’s no real joke in this clip (except maybe the reference to Theodore’s sex tape), but these seven minutes of multi-species neurosis makes for amusingly awkward viewing. As an added bonus, Helms is now a lock to play the title character if Woody Allen ever remakes Doctor Dolittle.