We haven’t yet taken the time to dig deep into our site analytics to determine the overall effectiveness of these preview posts in getting you, the viewer, to watch our world-class slate of comedy programming on conventional cable TV.

Frankly, we’re scared to look in case all our hard work labouring over the structure and tone of these posts has been a colossal waste of time. Then again, as long as you’re enjoying your Comedy online experience then we’re satisfied but unfortunately we don’t have any sort of tool to measure your actual happiness. The only tool humans have ever had to detect happiness is our very own eyeballs, which when focused on a human mouth, can detect the smile form that indicates the glee we’re looking to squeeze out of you.

The point is, smiles are important. That’s especially true for the brave men and women who make entertainment and get famous for doing so. The average human gets stared at by only 56 people in their lifetime, while a celebrity will easily exceed 500,000,000,0000000, which is why smiles are of the utmost importance. ENGAGE SEGUE.  

In the following preview of tonight’s SEASON FINALE of INSIDE AMY SCHUMER, Amy’s stylist or agent or something tells her she has to work on her smile. This leads to a meeting with a consultant played by Jon Glaser who teaches her the “cock and smile” method of smiling. It’s funny!

Seriously though, as much as we want you to be happy, OUR happiness depends on the success of Comedy so PLEASE watch tonight’s Inside Amy Schumer season finale tonight at 10:30ep. We’re not lying when we say it’s the best thing on TV to watch at 10:30.