On last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host gave kids a chance to weigh in on one of their favourite topics: adultery. In light of this week’s Ashley Madison scandal—hackers are threatening to leak huge quantities of user information from the infidelity-enabling dating service—a correspondent from Kimmel’s show took to the streets to find out what kids really know about adultery. The answer? They know a lot… of strange, inaccurate information.

Asked to define the term, these kids offer answers ranging from the surreal ("a dog running") to the vaguely accurate ("to be a movie star"). One child unknowingly offers a caustic perspective on the human condition, suggesting that adultery is synonymous with "being an adult." Moments later, an unusually gullible girl claims that adultery is sometimes an accident, while an extremely open-minded boy claims that his parents’ rampant adultery is "fun."

While some of the definitions may become acceptable (or just amusing) new uses for the word adultery, others are more problematic. For example, a term meaning "archery for adults" is unlikely to be necessary until parents start entrusting their kids with bows and arrows en masse. In any case, we’re fairly certain that this clip will prove to be informative for seasoned and inexperienced cheaters alike. Heck, we even discovered the best thing about adultery: getting to drink!