We wouldn’t normally highlight advertisements on this blog but due to a certain high ranking executive’s son’s misbehavior during a class trip to Arizona, we’re legally required to support local businesses in the greater Scottsdale area. Let’s just say it’s not a good idea to give a 16-year-old a dirt bike, a paintball gun and a private jet for his birthday.

Anyway, bear with us as we gently encourage you to utilize the services of wedding band super group Absorption if you’re thinking of getting married in The Copper State.

The band will give your special day an incredible custom experience that you’ll never forget by customizing the lyrics to famous songs to fit your own love story. Book the Standard Package and celebrate love frugally or step it up with the Deluxe Package that adds Master Collaborator to the group for a sonic love trip that will echo throughout the ages.

Don’t take our word for it, allow the boys of Absorption to explain their service:

Wait a minute… that was Key, Peele and international recording artist 2Chainz! Looks like we’ve been fooled again by those pesky tricksters in legal. If you law dawgs reading this, expect a full retaliation this time. We know how many of you are scared of blood.

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