In the immortal words of Eric “Eazy-E” Wright:

Cause the boys in the hood are always hard
You come talking that trash we'll pull your card
Knowing nothing in life but to be legit
Don't quote me boy cause I ain't said shit

While these lyrics certainly rang true back in 1993, the hood is a much different place now, a place where not every boy is necessarily hard. Using their skills as writers and performers, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele will address the state of today’s hood in the upcoming season of their eponymous sketch show and thanks to an apparent brand partnership tie-in with esurance, we can watch it right now.

All new episodes of Key & Peele officially get underway on July 8 at 10:30ep on Comedy. If it weren’t on Comedy we’d still probably mention it because it’s so funny. That’s how hard we are.