What is “fear”? A complex emotion? An evolutionary response to threats like goblins, thorns and things that smell weird? Or is it something that the cosmic being who invented us threw in to make life more interesting? Whatever the case maybe, Key & Peele seem to know the answer because they’ve been creating funny sketches based around fear since their show began way back in 2012.

When a chunk of all new episodes start on Thursday at 10:30ep you fear-lovers shan’t be afraid because they still have a thing for fright based on this new preview:

Speaking of fear, we’re scared that after the mountain of previews the boys have given us so far, there won’t be anything left for the actual show that gets underway Thursday at 10:30ep. We’re confident they wouldn’t make such a costly mistake though, so that means there’s going to be piles upon piles of new sketches that will get us through this depressing summer weather of ugly sunshine and disgusting warm breezes.