The Emmy nominations were announced today, which gives us the opportunity to completely ignore any major world issue for a few hours while we debate who got screwed while attempting to get the attention of our favourite stars by tweeting congratulations at them.
Frankly, we couldn’t give two poos about most of the nominees. Our only concern is congratulating those who make our job here at Comedy possible so here’s a breakdown of who we’ll be cheering on when the ceremony goes live on September 20. 

Inside Amy Schumer
The biggest news of the day is that Amy Schumer has been nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Amy is obviously thrilled and tweeted out the following celebratory tweet:

She’s in tough against Edie Falco, Lisa Kudrow, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehler and Lily Tomlin but at least she’s guaranteed to win the more coveted Youngest Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Nominee.
The show also got nominated for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series and Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (Paul Giamatti).
Key & Peele
The boys will be battling against Amy for the Outstanding Variety Sketch Series crown while Keegan-Michael Key is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series! We’re not sure how they could possibly nominate Key and not Peele, but awards shows are generally bogus so who cares? We're hoping it doesn't effect their friendship...


The Daily Show
It should come as no surprise that the show is once again nominated for Outstanding Variety Talk Series. With The Colbert Report and Last Week Tonight getting nominations as well, it’s quite clear that the mother of them all--The Daily Show--deserves the win.
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Jimmy and the gang will also go up against TDS in Outstanding Variety Talk Series, and while it’s unlikely the show will win the award, the nomination will give Jimmy plenty of material leading up to the big night.

Congratulations to all the nominees even though it's incredibly unlikely that any of them are going to read this post!