Trainwreck isn’t out until the weekend but early murmurs suggest that LeBron James’ inclusion in the film isn’t a piece of stunt-casting but rather a well-earned opportunity based on acting ability and comedic timing. Even though it’s totally unfair that the best basketball player in the world can so effortlessly step into a co-starring role in a major motion picture surrounded by some of today’s top comedy stars, we’re happy knowing that a movie we assume will be awesome probably is.

When in Akron, Ohio, for a special hometown premiere of the film, the large man took Amy Schumer, Bill Hader and Judd Apatow for a ride around town for some burgers and laughs. Naturally the conversation shifted toward a possible Trainwreck sequel and being the confident sports man and actor that he is, LeBron had some big ideas about what a sequel might be like, to the chagrin of Hader. Thankfully the team at Funny Or Die shot and edited the entire conversation which we will now embed for your enjoyment:

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