The Daily Show has always been a place where comedy and politics dance together like fennel seed and red pepper flake in an authentic Italian sausage. With Amy Schumer visiting the program last night we assumed most of the conversation would be dedicated toward Amy’s anti-gun campaign she launched in tandem with her second cousin once removed, Chuck Schumer. It’s the type of subject Jon loves to discuss while discussing it with the type of person Jon loves to discuss subjects with.
Depending on how serious of a person you are, you’ll either be pleased or disappointed to know that the gun thing only took up a short portion of the interview off the top with the remaining chunk dedicated toward a vacation Amy took with her high school pals and Jennifer Lawrence. As a neutral party, we think that you’ll love the interview no matter what because both interviewer and interviewee are currently the best. Without further analogy, here is the interview we haven’t shut up about it since this post began: