According to gossip rag The New York Times, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are currently writing a movie together in which they’ll star as sisters.

Apparently the two became pals after J Law saw Trainwreck and started emailing Schumer, which culminated in a well-publicized jet ski vacation. Per the article--which you might have already opened and read thus rendering this blog post useless--the ladies will play sisters in the otherwise detail-less film, and have employed Schumer’s real life sister to help pen the script. Wanna try to guess what it’ll be about?
- two sisters fighting over man
- two sisters robbing something or someone
- two sisters go on road trip to get something or someone
- two sisters start company
- two sisters get plastic surgery
- two sisters get married
- two sisters go to space
Schumer’s self-deprecating humour and Lawrence’s well-publicized beauty should result in a film full of fresh “you’re the hot sister” jokes but this remains nothing but speculation. We’re damn excited regardless and hope that the prjoect will deservedly catapult Schumer onto the A-List while giving Lawrence the chance to show how funny she is. Everybody wins except people who don’t like them. Cheers!