In what could be read as a subtle jab at Jimmy Fallon and his game-reliant Tonight Show, Bob Odenkirk was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night for a bit about a silly game and his apprehension toward it.  
Jimmy introduced “Heatherball”, a version of tetherball dedicated to Hollywood starlet Heather Graham, which didn’t sit well with Bob who had told his publicist that he wasn’t into the idea of playing a game, preferring a nice chat instead. But Jimmy persisted and the pair played a quick version of the game while Bob got on the phone with his publicist to complain, resulting in the most hilariously lame celebrity talk show game of all time.

If you’re a talk show traditionalist like Bob who prefers talk over show then fear not! Odenkirk did get to do some talking including a very interesting segment where he wrote down questions that regular people seem too nice to ask him. He tasked Jimmy with the job of delivering the questions and the result is a revealing look into the mind of a comedic genius/Emmy-nominated dramatic actor.   

Tune your cable-equipped HD TVs to Comedy tonight at midnight for another episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live where Seth MacFarlane and Brian Grazer will be appearing along with some music from a guy, girl or band named “Halsey”.