Well guys, that’s it. Last night Jon Stewart hosted his final Daily Show after an unprecedented sixteen year run of incredible comedy and political commentary that actually changed the world.
Having to sum up such an incredible stretch of television in one farewell episode is no easy task, but it is easy to sum up a farewell episode in one quick blog post so here are the basics in case you’re quizzed during an American citizenship test somewhere down the road (or be a true fan by scrolling to the bottom of this post to actually watch the episode so you can write your own recap on your own website).   

Jon and the staff kept things simple by showing appreciation for everyone who made the show possible, starting with the correspondents and contributors, many of whom have gone on to become richer than Jon himself. It culminated in a touching speech from Stephen Colbert and an epic group hug.

Then JS paid tribute to his staff via a Goodfellas-esque long take that took us through the Daily Show offices, meeting seemingly everyone in the process. Marty Scorcese was not impressed but we sure were.

Jon then delivered a speech that prepared us for a life without him by teaching us how to deal with all the bullshit in the world. We’re going to need this info because we’ve been relying on Jon for so long to do it for us. 

It all concluded with Jon enjoying his very own Moment of Zen courtesy of New Jersey’s own Bruce Springsteen and his E-Street Band.

Do yourself a favour and watch the episode rather than trusting this recap that has relied heavily on our shoddy short-term memory. In ten years when TV doesn’t exist and Trevor Noah’s version of the show is broadcast directly into our eyeballs through a drone that follows us around and cooks for us too, you’ll look back fondly on this episode as the end of an era and a time when Donald Trump was actually considered for the presidency. Enjoy and thank for watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy!