Today’s late night talk shows can’t survive on mere jokes and guests. They need games, viral-ready clips and outrageous moments to pull in the coveted 4-27 demographic that is rapidly turning away from TV screens and turning onto computer screens where movies, TV shows, video games, hotel bookings and porno conveniently live together in bliss.
Jimmy Kimmel is an old-school joker but he’s been excellent at catering to both grandmas and grandteens with his signature pranks and bits. With Donald Trump trumping around America on his quest to become America’s Supreme Overlord, Jimmy has a fridge full of material to bring out for us to feed upon, and on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! we got a double dose.
On a recent campaign stop where Trump wowed a crowd by showing up in a whirlybird, a kid asked if he was Batman, to which Trump responded, “Yes, I’m Batman.” Despite having lots of money and a couple of dead parents, Trump is still far from being Batman, but Jimmy still wanted to find out what that might be like so he combined real Trump audio with video from Batman: The Animated Series to create a new Kimmel Kartoon:

Not satisfied with just one Trump bit, Kimmel once again utilized the talents of golden-voiced mop-head Josh Groban, who is famously game for silly bits. This time around Josh sang the tweets of Trump to form a new album called “Josh Groban’s The Best Tweets of Donald Trump”, which should leave no mystery as to what you’re about to see:

Donald Trump may be bad for most people and things but he’s great for jokes so keep tuning into Jimmy Kimmel Live weekdays at midnight on Comedy OR ELSE.