Right now you’re probably running all over town, buying finger foods and trying to find a grey wig for your Jon Stewart farewell/lookalike party. We don’t want to keep you from getting everything ready so this post will only take up a few minutes of your busy day.
We invite you to join us and four of Just For Laughs’ finest in a toast to the man who took fake news and turned it into a mutant version of real news that somehow maintained its fakeness. Here’s to sixteen years of laughs, tears, the Bush family, FOX News, Arby’s, correspondents, suits, stars, information, passion, jokes, politics and most importantly, something to watch four nights a week at 11pm. And here’s to you, Daily Show fans, for without your obsessive fandom we would’ve never been able to afford the Canadian rights to this now-historic television program for as long as we have. L'chaim, Jon!

Try this Daily Show-themed cocktail at your viewing party!
The Daily Drink with Rum Boozeart
2oz Dark Rum
1oz Blue Kool Aid
3oz Arby’s Cheese Sauce
Half NY-style bagel
Muddle all ingredients in plastic New York Mets cup until it looks funny. Serve over hot dog and enjoy.