Husband, comedian, friend, Michigander and Emmy nominee Keegan-Michael Key brought himself and likely his wallet to the set of Late Night with Seth Meyers late last night for a classic talk show appearance that combined an interesting interview with a fun little bit.
It feels like just this morning that Key & Peele premiered and instantly delighted us with its sharp sketches full of wacky characters and world-class wigs. With the show set to end in September, now’s a good a time as any to start reflecting on the show and begin penning think pieces about its socio-economic impact. If you’re looking to put together your own unauthorized biography on Key & Peele then this first clip will be of some interest because Key talks about the show’s excellent hair and makeup department and shares the story behind his shady landlord character. Get your pencil and illegal software that records YouTube video ready because heeeeeere we go:

You can’t put two seasoned improvisers in a TV studio with a live audience and not expect them to do some clownin’ around! If you’re adverse to sex appeal then you’d better not watch this clip of Seth and Keegan because they blow the dust of their flirting skills and bring them right into your living room or wherever it is that your cyber-rig is set up.

Catch a brand new episode of Key & Peele tonight at 10:30ep on Comedy, Canada’s sole provider of televised Key & Peele.