Our buddies over at Much produce this excellent podcast called Mike On Much hosted by seasoned entertainment guy Mike Veerman, and Max Kerman of The Arkells who converse with interesting people from all over the place. Why are we telling you this? Because in the latest installment, Mike and Max head to L.A. to talk to Canadian comedy writer Tim McAuliffe who’s found heaps of success writing for big time shows like Last Man On Earth, The Office and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

If you’re an aspiring comedy writer or someone who likes good stories about showbiz you’ll definitely want to listen. Tim discusses landing a job writing for Jimmy Fallon, living with Nathan Fielder, the dynamics of a writers’ room and all sorts of other insider tidbits. Make sure you stick around for the final segment where pop culture aficionado Shane Cunningham describes watching a Backstreet Boys documentary as an emotional roller coaster.

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