Amy Schumer, Tracy Morgan, and Miley Cyrus walk into a bar—one that Lorne Michaels obviously frequents because the trio have been booked to host the first three episodes of Saturday Night Live’s 41st season which kicks off on October 3.
The season premiere will be hosted by Cyrus and marks the child-star-turned-tongue-model’s third time as host. Fingers crossed that delusional Tea Partier Michele Bachmann does something nuts and newsworthy between now and then. Cyrus’ Bachmann is second only to Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin.

On October 10, Amy Schumer will helm the season’s second episode—her first time as host. If you were ever going to pick a night to let the kids stay up late and watch television with you, this is definitely not it. Do we need to remind you about this?

Then on October 17 Tracy Morgan makes his return to comedy after a year-long absence. The hosting gig (his second on SNL) will be Morgan’s first official appearance since a Walmart tractor-trailer with a sleeping driver at the wheel rear-ended the van he was riding in, leaving him in critical condition and killing a close friend. Asked about his future in comedy on the
Today show back in June, Morgan said “When I’m there, you’ll know it. I’ll get back to making you laugh. I promise you.” Yep. We totally believe it.