There are as many styles of comedy as there are words for “get outta here” in Icelandic. What you see on TV, in movies and the popular parts of the Internet represent only a tiny slice or the comedy loaf, the remaining chunks existing in bars, backrooms, a dude’s basement and art galleries across the country. With the exception of Tim & Eric and a handful of other irreverent acts who’ve gotten a shot at wider audiences through small American cable networks or viral videos, surreal humour rarely rears its rear into the mainstream.

We recently spoke with a threesome called Still Boys who generally operate within mud of the Toronto arts community and who are finding new paths to jokes by combining their prowess with the visual and aural with a sense of fun and humour. With the help of the SummerWorks Performance Festival, this “elusive cycloptic boy band” will have the opportunity to show their brains to a new bunch of open-minded people who crave something sweet and fresh.  Let’s chat!

How did Still Boys come about?

We came about from the cosmic womb with an alien hunger to play the big shows on your planet and consume human audiences.  We were fused together from the various components of your Earth-boy-bands and we play the facial features of our own face to elicit audience enjoyment. D-wayne on the Mouth (Sebastian Butt), Jason on the Eye (Charlie Murray), Randy the Tongue (Randy Gagne), and Kevan as Baby mouth (Jamie Shannon). For our upcoming show Jesi the Elder will play the ear, and twin-embryonic Justin Timberlakes (Shane Mackinnon & Andrea Duff) will do some very nice choreography. We will have a Juice-Boy Xan Hawes to provide Juice Buble. Our manager Danny V from Chicago is quite helpful.

You guys mix performance art, visual art, comedy and music into one big thing. When you’re coming up with your stuff, what comes first? Is the goal always laughs?

Laughs seem to be the gastric by-product of the audiences we digest, and the laughs roll in at a high rate when the music hits the facial feature choreography.  We are very committed to playing our facial features to elicit the maximum amount of chuckles, so we can eat and procreate. 

 What makes you guys laugh, generally?

Generally any kind of artisanal joke, also semi-solid materials, Shetland ponies, madrigals… We are also conducting pioneering work on the hereto unknown practice of comedy massage, where the laughs spill from every orifice.

What’s been your experience performing for people outside of the Toronto arts community? 

This has not yet occurred, but we suspect that the enjoyment level of all parties will be high due to our universal appeal. 

How important is it to you guys to ensure even the general public enjoy what you’re doing?

Enjoyment is most importance to our general public.  For Still Boys to eat you and digest you and shit you out is an enjoyable finale for you especially.  Facilitating a good time is alright.   

The community you guys are a part of seems very inclusive and supportive. Not to cause a stir, but are there any negative aspects to working in such a community?

Our approach to inclusivity is so broad that we consider everyone in the general population to be part of our band, and as a result the sheer logistics of collaborating with everyone on earth is difficult at times, sometimes making a negative headache to navigate our inbox. 

Most mainstream comedians aspire to be famous and respected. What’s the dream outcome for Still Boys and your other work?

Fame is moot because we were birthed as superstars.  The current dream is to make a nice living, and not yet dying, and for your municipal arts funding.  We want to increase the scale and production value of our show to extremes, for example turning Toronto’s Rogers Centre into a fully-functional facial entertainment entity that eats whole crowds, and also a Still Boys facial barge that will play in any port.  Spreading the message is the outcome.

Where do you see comedy heading in the next decade?

Comedy is heading back into the butt of the joke.

Who should we be checking out that people probably don’t know about?

Fake Injury Party, Juice Buble, Acting Crazy (TV show), Lil Gecko, Life of a Craphead, hockey puck, Marty Topps, Sarah Jordan, Cornstar, Drew willy, Swayze Waters, D’Brickashaw Ferguson.

Check the boys out tonight in Toronto as part of SummerWorks!