Back when gas only cost a nickel and batteries a hundred dollars, having your face on a billboard was the pinnacle of fame. Billboards were the Internet of an Internet-less age and turned nobodies like the Marlboro Man and local personal injury lawyers into household names.

Tig Notaro’s brand new special, Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted, has the advantage of being backed by the immensely powerful HBO who used their considerable clout to put up a Tig billboard in what is presumably the heart of Los Angeles. Sensing that perhaps the era of billboard notoriety (Notaro-iety?) has closed, Tig took to the streets to determine how effective the giant advertisement is in getting people to recognize her and to commit and actually watch the special.

Unlike traditional paper news, this technologically-advanced news-oriented blog can show you what happened using a complex system of pixels and the video production expertise of Funny Or Die:

You’re now asking yourself, “What would happen if this happened in the heart of MY city?” We can’t answer that because we’re not sure of the breadth of this advertising campaign and aren’t familiar with Tig’s schedule. But we do know that you can catch the premiere of Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted this Saturday at 10:00PM ET / MT on HBO Canada. Click that link even if you’re not radical enough to get HBO because there’s an interview with Tig as well as a slick teaser.