If you’re a Jon Stewart fan who desperately needs to know what’s next for the departing Daily Show host, he hasn’t been very helpful. Thus far, the only plan he’s really outlined is spending way more time with his wife and kids (Stewart says he has four or five more years until “they really don't want anything to do with me”), but he has also made it clear that retirement is not an option. With all that in mind, we calculated the odds of a few future career paths.
Directing more movies (5/1)

Having written and directed last year’s Rosewater, Jon Stewart appears to be on the brink of a directing career, but he claims he has no specific plans in that direction. The long hours would probably put a damper on his parenting plans, but this could be a viable long-term goal. Heck, he might even get into non-fiction and become the next Michael Moore.
Stand-up comedy (3/2)

If there’s one thing Stewart can easily do from home, it’s joke-writing. Plus, he got his start in stand-up comedy—and it’s the one profession he has confirmed as part of his post-Daily Show game plan.

Podcasting (2/1)

If Stewart’s really serious about stand-up, he’ll need to either get his own podcast—a commitment he could take on from the comfort of his home—or start guesting on the countless podcasts of his comedy peers.
A sitcom (7/1)

The likelihood of Stewart taking on a traditional multi-camera sitcom is more like 50/1, but we could see him venturing into Louie territory. After all, this show has allowed Louis C.K. to juggle several known Stewart preoccupations: directing, stand-up, and hands-on parenting.
A career in politics (10/1)

If Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, why not Stewart? After spending 16 years skewering Washington, he knows just about everyone he would need to know, but he seems more comfortable commenting from the sidelines. Still, this would be a fascinating experiment, as it would put several former Stewart colleagues (Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, etc.) in a prime position to mock their old boss. 
A Fox News show (1,000,000/1)

Given Stewart’s well-known (and completely understandable) disdain for Fox News, there is almost no chance of him taking—or ever being offered—a job there. That said, it would be a fascinating (if potentially unforgivable) mismatch.
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