Forget the jokes, the new set, the correspondents and Jon Stewart—last night’s Daily Show was all about Trevor Noah. Billions of Canadians tuned into the premiere to either cheer on, or wish ill-will toward the new host of TV’s best fake news show and we think he did a damn good job, smoothly and confidently delivering political humour while maintaining a face free of visible perspiration.
With so much attention focused on Noah and his first guest, Kevin Hart, the production team didn’t have time to squeeze in anything non-Noah, which led to this hilarious Hasan Minhaj piece being relegated to the realm of Internet exclusivity.

Minhaj was in Philadelphia to get in on the excitement surrounding the arrival of Pope Francis who has turned out to be one of the rockin’est Popes of all time. Check it out and send the link to your grandma who probably doesn’t understand the concept of an Internet exclusive!