The stage is a blank page. It does not judge what is written upon it for that is the sacred relationship between performer and performance vessel that has allowed staged art to inspire and amaze generation after generation. The Comedian, a modern relative of the medieval court jester, has the opportunity to turn the stage into a playground of thoughts and observations, giving the audience a conduit through which to view the mind of the maker, forming a shared experience the likes of which define us as humans.
Despite unlimited freedoms, a comedian still must contend with his or her own values when taking the hallowed stage and must respect its history and its raw power.  In our continuing effort to better understand the craft of comedy, we questioned purveyors of the humouratic arts to get an idea of their own personal boundaries when it comes to their relationship with the stage. The results may shock and offend you but art is about conversation and peeling back the dark layers of human truths.
Please enjoy and for further learnings consult the rest of our series where we dig deep into subjects such as Quebecois food staples, dream collaborations, the English language and educating a new generation of artists.