With October’s erotic chill right around the corner, your loins are firing up in anticipation of all the hank and pank you could be having right up until Halloween sucks the sex right out of the air.
Some of you are lucky enough to be in committed relationships where consensual bonking is as common as arguing about whose turn it is to feed the rats. The other species: single hotties who find flesh like farmers find mud and single others who have to fight hard or pay for sex have a more difficult time because no matter what side of the sex scale they land on, people label them negatively. According to Rachel Hills, author of The Sex Myth: The Gap Between Our Fantasies and Reality, it doesn’t matter how often you slam because everything we know about sex is some sort of dragon-less myth!
Our own Paul Lemieux had a clothed sit down with the author who thinks that those who have a lot of sex or those who have barely any at all, aren’t total weirdos. You could read her book and really get into it or simply watch this silly interview instead: