Lewis Black is back with another “Back In Black” where he displays his knack for yakking smack!
With an intro like that we don’t really need to write anything else to set up this clip but since most of us are technically millennials we feel  the urge to unnecessarily elaborate on things as if to shout at the world, “We exist and we’re talented!”.
With a segue like that we don’t really need to further explain that Black’s latest rant focuses on millennials and their increasing “negative” influence on everyday life, from fast food ordering techniques to casino games. But we millennials don’t cower when attacked—we get even by using our immense technical knowhow to anonymously shame our enemies on the Internet.
Thankfully we don’t need to fight back this time because by the end of the segment Black realizes that he might actually be one of us, and we never attack our own unless they say or do something un-pc. Anyway, if this post is confusing it’s probably because our minds our locked on the Blue Jays and today’s pivotal game 5. Please enjoy this segment and take your mind off things by watching last night’s full Daily Show