As we Canadians prepare for Monday’s federal election by carefully considering each candidate and engaging in meaningful political conversations with our fellow citizens, the United States is gearing up for a much-hyped televised verbal battle between Democratic nominees.
All eyes will be on heavyweights Bernie Sanders, an elderly socialist from Vermont, and Hilary Clinton, a powerful grandma with an impressive resume, as they attempt to adhere to their carefully crafted personas to become ruler of the American left. It’s the perfect event to remind us that no matter how silly our elections get, America’s always have been, and always will be, totally bonkers.
To get a good idea of what’s in store for tonight, including the last names of the other candidates and CNN’s solid plan to include Joe Biden should he decide to join in at the last minute, please refer to the following Daily Show video. It’s the perfect appetizer for what will be a tasty meal of pandering and arguing, followed by a sweet dessert of debate analysis and jokes on Wednesday night’s show.