We journalists are often viewed as robotic know-it-alls who would sell our own mother for a hot scoop. People tend to forget that we have real feelings, and enjoy simple pleasures like a blue sky on a sunny day or a cowboy boot filled with gravy, just like you. Our jobs are under constant threat from smarter, younger people and new technologies that help make our craft obsolete, which distracts us from reflecting the world back to you with extreme subjectivity.  So far we’ve been able to stave off most threats by using our brains and considerable political connections, but if the following Daily Show report is to be taken seriously, the age of the human journalist may soon come to an end.
Last night Hasan Minhaj utilized his journalist skills to journalize the growing use of robots in journalism. These bots know every word in history and don’t care how much they get paid because they don’t get paid. Heck, they don’t even mind working a twenty-four hour work day and have no problem skipping lunch because they don’t have stomachs. Please watch and support the journalists in your life by giving them TONS of money and candy and stuff—we love that kind of thing.