Seth Rogen has a new movie coming out this week called Steve Jobs, which isn’t about a schlubby pothead who takes temp jobs to fuel his video game habit and finds his life turned upside down when he’s promoted to CEO of a major corporation after he’s mistaken for the former CEO’s long lost son. It’s actually the true story of a guy named Steve Jobs who made computers (and a million dollars!) with the help of his nerdy sidekick, Steve Wozniak, whom Rogen portrays.
Instead of sitting around all week and wishing that people will go see the film, Rogen hit the road to promote it and made his way to Daily Show HQ where Trevor Noah was waiting with questions relating to the picture.

If you’re still undecided on which movie you’ll be taking your sweetheart this weekend, check out the interview and keep in mind that The Walk has been making people barf. If you’re the type of couple who’s into that kind of thing then I guess you can now exit this page and continue with your weird life.