Imagine living in a quiet Midwestern town. You just nodded off, didn’t you? That’s because living in a quiet Midwestern town is BORING. After a week or two you’d be praying for an alien/vampire/zombie invasion, am I right? That’s why this trailer for the upcoming horror-comedy Freaks of Nature is so confusing—it’s as though the residents of sleepy Dillford, Ohio aren’t all that into the spike in action their town is suddenly seeing.
To be fair, the vampires and zombies were in Dillford first. It’s the aliens who are a bunch of invading johnny-come-latelys. (“Aliens, vampires, and zombies?” you might be thinking, “Why this movie has everything but the kitchen sink!” Well here’s an interesting bit of trivia: the original title of this movie was Kitchen Sink. Actually.)
Before the arrival of the extraterrestrials, the town’s inhabitants—living, dead, and undead—were coexisting in a relatively peaceful manner. Now that’s all gone straight to hell and it’s up to Denis Leary and a bunch of other funny people (Bob Odenkirk, Keegan-Michael Key, Joan Cusack, and Patton Oswalt among them) to win back the precious mind-numbing monotony every last Dillford denizen once knew and loved.
“What, no werewolves?” you’re likely muttering under your breath right now. We suggest you look more closely at Leary’s facial hair. We’ll be damned if those sideburns aren’t the direct result of a full moon.
Freaks of Nature is in theatres on October 30. Go in a zombie and/or comedian costume. It’s cool. Oh yeah, and check out the Red Band trailer below, featuring the highest pitched scream Keegan-Michael Key has ever emitted (okay, that we know of).