The campaigning is complete, the polls are open, and 18-year-olds across Canada are waiting for the popular kids in class to make a move before deciding whether voting is cool or not.

It’s Election Day! If time travel exists there’s a pretty good chance someone has travelled back or forth to mess with today’s result so technically your vote doesn’t count anyway.

If you don’t believe in that kind of stuff, don’t worry--there’s still plenty of time to decide who you’re going to vote for unless you live somewhere remote and are already hours into your trek to the nearest polling station, only to realize that you totally forgot to do your research because you were too busy drying meat for the journey. You city folk could talk to your friends and neighbours about their ideal candidate but it’d be a lot safer to listen to an outsider who doesn’t have deep-seeded biases, which is why you might consider listening to British-born American immigrant, John Oliver instead.

So as not to appear that we support one party over another we seriously haven’t watched the following Last Week Tonight segment dedicated to our election and featuring a cameo appearance from Ontarian, Mike Myers. We acknowledge that it is merely a piece of entertainment and that many of Oliver and Myers’ opinions are informed by how humourous they are. Frankly, we don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote because apparently it’s really important if our Facebook news feeds are to be believed.