It was pretty fun comparing America’s current presidential race to our own Federal election, but now that our hunk has been crowned the action down south is starting to drag.

Incredibly we still have to wait a year before a new President is named and yet we’re hearing the same stories over and over again concerning the cast of bozos vying for the job. That means it’s a good time to tune into your favourite fake news programs to cut through the bull crud and get to what matters--the absurdity of it all!
Following yet another Republican Debate the other night, we eagerly watched our boys on The Daily Show and Nightly Show expertly skew the ridiculousness but even their expert analysis feels long-winded. If you’re like us and are fed up with this circus of silly but still want the scoop, we’d recommend this new Kimmel Kartoon that quickly and effectively sums up the debate and its cast of characters.  Start your engines (or brighten your screen if you’re not about to drive a car), and…. GO