The first festive movie of this year’s holiday season, The Night Before should pull in many viewers with its high profile leads (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie, and Seth Rogen), but your most vivid memories are likely to revolve around the colourful supporting cast. Not much about this outrageous comedy is spoil-able (The Night Before is no Game of Thrones), but if you thrive on casting surprises, you might want to bypass the details below… and IMDb… and all the reviews.

Ilana Glazer

Playing an unrepentant thief (of charitable contributions, marijuana, etc.), Broad City’s Ilana Glazer celebrates the holidays with acrobatic bathroom sex and high-risk stunt work.


Nathan Fielder

Playing an overly chatty chaffeur, Nathan For You’s Nathan Fielder channels his own inner Evel Knievel with some Mad Max worthy limo-driving.


Tracy Morgan

No stranger to real world limo crises, Tracy Morgan manages to stay out of the fray, serving as the The Night Before’s unlikely narrator. To find out more about this mysterious character, be sure to stick around until the bitter end.

Miley Cyrus

Given a lengthy reference in the trailer (see below), Miley Cyrus shows up as herself, joining forces with JGL for an unusual (and yes, somewhat embarrassing) musical collaboration.


Michael Shannon


Having previously collaborated with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Premium Rush, the great Michael Shannon turns up in what appears to be a cameo as a skuzzy drug dealer, only to return repeatedly, stealing the movie… and developing some impressive superpowers.

James Franco

Making his most powerful impression with a series of text messages, James Franco shows off a superpower of his own, but don’t expect to see this anatomical oddity highlighted in the MCU any time soon.
The Night Before is in theatres now. To ensure that you arrive properly intoxicated—with the holiday spirit—watch the trailer below.