Way back in the olden days we would to tune into the Daily Show following a tragedy to get a thoughtful take from reliable, trusted newsman, Jon Stewart. After his departure during that memorable summer of ’15 we gave our heart over to Trevor Noah, the South African stunner armed with wit and slim-cut suits, who took on the near-impossible task of being the voice of the reasonable when the bullshit hits the fan.

Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris were bullshit poo-sonified, giving Noah his first big shot at calming us and ensuring that everything’s going to be cool in the face of inhuman evil. It’s a lot of expect from someone but he only has Stewy to blame for setting the precedent.

Check out Noah’s very honest statement regarding the tragedy off the top of last night’s program and keep the film rolling for some laughs surrounding the most recent Democratic debate. Or do whatever you want; we’re not the boss of you.