Most of us picture a retired Jon Stewart laid out poolside on the grounds of his palatial New Jersey estate, drink in hand and chest strewn with the remnants of an Arby’s roast beef sandwich. But despite his newfound freedoms and considerable wealth, the former Daily Show host has actually been quite busy helping others—namely 9/11 first responders who in September found their government-assisted healthcare expired, then not renewed, thanks to the United States Congress.
Since the expiration of the Zadroga Act, Stewart has traveled to Washington with first responders in an attempt to shame Senators for allowing the law to go un-renewed. Last night he wriggled his way onto the Daily Show to tell us all about it, and since we here at Comedy own the rights to the program, we’re able to show it to you!
Check out the vid below and then watch this other one where Jon calls out turtle man Mitch McConnell, urging Kentuckians to tweet at him using the hashtag #WorstResponders.