Though hard work, talent, and top notch schmoozing, Chris Hardwick has become the comedy world’s Ryan Seacrest, hosting and producing numerous podcasts, TV shows and Internet things while running his Nerdist empire. Last night Hardwick added yet another “Experience” to his loaded resume when he shocked the world with a new show called The Jimmy KiMiddle Show with Chris Hardwick.
Airing during last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the live mid-show recap show gave a great recap of the first half of the program. His first guest was Guillermo, the longtime JKL! security guard who provided some interesting insight into his job. Then Hardwick landed a huge guest in Jimmy Kimmel himself but the appearance didn’t last long. It was then Guillermo’s opportunity to recap KiMiddle with Middle KiMiddle, where he welcomed 
KiMiddle host Chris Hardwick. Are you confused? You’re supposed to be beacuse it's a comedy bit!
Check out the clip below and be cool by watching JKL! tonight at midnight to improve our ratings and therefore our business as a whole.